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Why You Should Have Your Cat Spayed

When you have a female cat, you want to seriously consider having her spayed. There are so many benefits to having your cat fixed that you should have it done as soon as you are able to. Here is more information on spaying your cat and why you should think about doing so soon: 

You will be helping to reduce the cat overpopulation

Cat overpopulation is a serious issue in most communities. Cats can breed several times a year since their gestation period is only about two months. A cat generally has a litter of around four to six kittens each time. This is why a pair of cats can quickly lead to a cat problem as the kittens mature and also begin breeding. Each cat that's spayed can help to cut down on the cat problem. You don't want your own cat to contribute to overpopulation, so you should have her spayed before she reaches the age of sexual maturity, which is around 4 months of age. 

You can decrease the chances of cat fights

A female cat that's not spayed can lead to an increase in cat fights. If she has a litter of kittens, then she may often fight due to her protective maternal instincts. However, having a female that's not spayed will also cause male cats in the area to get into fights. You may even end up with many cats getting into fights out in your yard from cats in the area fighting who were drawn to your property by the scent of the female cat in heat they pick up and follow. 

You can prevent males from spraying

If you have a female in heat, even if she stays in the house, males will come to your yard for her. They can end up spraying on a lot of things n the yard, leaving them marked with a very foul odor. They may spray on the porch furniture, the siding of your home, your car, and anything else they feel like marking. 

You can help keep your cat at home

If you have a female cat in heat, then she will want to go looking for a male to breed with. Even when you have an indoor cat that's content with staying inside, she will likely want to get out when she is in heat. She can be very determined, and it can become difficult to prevent her from getting past you as you open a door. If she gets out, she will likely come back pregnant, or she may even end up getting lost.